Tuesday, April 29, 2008

French Grocery and etc display

Finally, took my Re-ment french grocery out for some PHOTOS, together with Seara, cosplaying as the chara/mascot girl-Natalie in this French Grocery miniature set.

add on a little ducky patch on her dress for fun XD; it's cute wad ;D

din get to display all the French Groceries out, only pick out some which is 'synchronize' to the backdrops.

a spontaneous photostory of Seara with her groceries...

don't worry Seara, mii won't blame you for this ^^

the eggs were SAFE! *lolz*

my current small collections display on my shelves ^^

featuring :
bleach trading figure (toushiro & renji), Hagaren chibi figures passed down by my cousin, coin gacha (Tenipuri-Kikumaru, a gift from Lily), Naruto gachapon1pc & the kittie boys *w* (Lamento~ )

Re-Ments French groceries, Re-Ments Sweets , Tomy Flip Flap, fake flower(is a paper weight clip) ,Caera & Seara


민트 said...

Really really nice collection. I wonder what happened to the KK Manga Circle? or the big plans to start a big serious manga project back in KK? Anyway, I uploaded an article about it in my blog and a sample of your artwork from deviantart in my blog
I have to be honest that I don't know any of your publish work or achievement. I sure do love to see more tho. I hope u don't mind about the graphic upload. I did mention it was your artwork and gave a link to your deviantart page.

Digitalia Diary said...

hi, i m not sure if it's my net problem, i cant load ur page to read ur article.


초콜릿 민트 사랑 said...

hi, sorry about the error. I did some changes to my blog address, so here is the link to the article i mention before.


impedius said...

Nice collection!

Digitalia Diary said...

mint > thanks for the featuring on your blog~ about the kk manga circle, it's a shame i wasn't involved/get to join that group, but it's still going on and published a fan-zine call -
'alice in wonderland' too~

you can checkout their deviantart art at

or the forum they all hung out :



impedius> thank you ^_^ and welcome to my humble hobby blog~heheh.