Monday, October 13, 2008

Ryu, a pleasant guest from Kyoto

Had a bad day at the custom today. But at least, the boy were safely home(yet).

Here's another box opening for a new child from Kyoto.

aa, the good old Super Dolfie Cute box... just like Tiara's first day arrive~

the outfit are so nice~~

other than Riuei, he's the 2nd boy came to my place ^^

when the SDCute Ren meets SDCute Ryu ^^ nakama nakama~


a mini-photostory of Tiara & Ryu(?, i've yet to know his own name from his owner). i m still not good in doing this, random and a bit crappy ^^;;; 請多多指教~~

I told Tia, there will be a guest home today, so i asked her to greet this new friend ^_^

she was a bit nervous...


he is not belong to me but to Az ^^ i am glad the lottery i won last time, din fall out and gave him a good home instead ^^. it's a pleasure to meet Ryu too~ the custom on this morning was bad... but when i had him home safely, it's all worthwhile~he's truly a messenger that keeps all the laughters and smile from Sato~~Az, omedetou gozaimasu, Ryu wa hontouni ii ko desu ne ^_^


IRTeA said...

I love your photostory~~ >w<

maslight said...

wahhhhhh kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Digitalia Diary said...

i m surprise to see comments XD; i havent announce it on csp forum lagi~~

thankies thankies, he's indeed a cute and handsome boy *hearties*

Sakuya-Chan said...

kawaii ja nai!!!! ish handsome desu~ ^///^ hatsukashi yo~ ^///^ NYAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!

Digitalia Diary said...

sakuyachan~~ sankyuu~~

hazukashii ne~~~ XD;;;

Michael from Abidko said...

hahaha, the story is simple and nice ^ ^, they look like Prince and princess

Great job, thumbs up to you ^ ^