Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Autumn Rose

I should be doing my other stuff.. yet i end up spending my holidays sewing for them... sign of procrastinating? becuz sewing isn't what i suppose to do NOW.

But it's a good thing, especially Aeyra, she didn't get any exposure ever since her arrival ^^;;; and i did some test photos with Schora as a GIRL. Basically, Schora has to be a girl at the moment, cuz SHE need to share a body with Aeyra.

And it's my very first sewing for an SD-size doll!!! All thanks to this wonderful site - FLIMFLAM, that i found a few nice easy pattern to try out ^^ her photos are nice too~~ i read thru her blogs too, she made a beautiful room for her dolls~ i wanna do one too *gets motivated~~* but..wait till i finish doing my current jobs first orz....


maslight said...


IRTeA said...

So pretty... Good job! *^_^*

Mike From Abidko said...

Yes, indeed a professional done-up.

Keep up the great job, Amber

Digitalia Diary said...

massy irtea~ sankyuz~~

mike> hi~ thanks for dropping by ^^ still amatuer~ but thanks for the compliment~

Michael from Abidko said...

No problem Amber, you will turn into professional soon.

keep up the good job ^ ^

Cheers ^ ^

Btw, do you happen to browse Yahoo Taiwan. Taiwanese are fervent collectors too ^ ^

Digitalia Diary said...

mike> ^^ well, not really towarding any professional level, just enjoying with my hobby is happy enough~

ya, i do browse on Yahoo Taiwan sometimes, i bought some gothic lolita clothings and stuff for myself from there before XD;;; cuz it's rather cheaper than i found on Y!Japan auctions ~

sertyan said...

Hi Amber!
Wow...I really like your latest sewing, it seems that you are sewing like a pro, unlike an amateur, like you claimed. And good choice of fabric too, very country! I love the bow on the neck the best, it's really cute! Next you should try making the pleated skirt from the FLIMFLAM pattern. You make me want to sew..gosh, I have been so lazy...hehe

Digitalia Diary said...

sertyan> thanks ^_^ heheh, you SHOULD SEW AGAIN please, hahah~~

i've actually tried on the pleat skirt for Tiara before ^^ i reduced the size to 1/4 to fit on Tiara's size.