Sunday, October 05, 2008

Schora Test Face-up 01

Finally, i tried my very first face up!!! Its fun ^_^ but a bit time consuming.. probably becuz it's my first time, cuz it took me whole day to finish it. Not an easy task,especially getting the eye brows balance and the painting the lashes on.... seriously respect all the face up artist out there, you guys are awesome, i got so much to learn from you all lagi *salute*~

i m happy for my first face up ^^ i hope i can gain more confident to help my girls to do face up too~ ^^

I used lotsa pastel to put on the eyes, to create some smokey effects around the eyes.

Done! test photo with a 16mm acrylic eyes on.

Test photo with a wig on


clowxie said...

Cool pics!!

Mind if I ask... how did you make the lips so shiny? OAO

btw, Volks boy is so pretty..>w<

琥珀 said...

clowxie> thanks for dropping by. I used a Mr. Color Clear Gloss to paint on after i finished with the lips painting ^^

clowx said...

I see... Thanks for answering~><;