Monday, September 26, 2005

Seara & Wazakka (Re-Ment)

Seara got her new bear bear from the Re-Ment Wazakka set i bought for her.

Part of the sets, which consist of the Summer,Spring and Autumn in here. The bearbear plush she's holding are from the Autumn set.

Close ups on the miniatures. Truly detailed. But too bad, Seara doesn't fit in the geta (jap clog shoes).

Each set of rement comes with a very little cutey keychain *hearts*

Cross-posted some on my own blogger too ^^


sertyan said...

Hi Amber!
Greetings to another Sabahan doll fan!
Thank you for visiting my blog.
I like your Seara doll and you take very nice pictures.
I will be checking in every now and then. Warmest Regards.

Amber said...

hi sert ^^ thanks for dropping by my blog and compliements on my doll too~*hearties*

will try to update more when there is more time to sew for her ^^; hopefully...eheh

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