Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Riuei in The Little Room Pt 2

Finally, the 2 days model gets his reward and wear what he suppose to wear ^_^ a boy yukata outfit. Actually i did one same one to Aslah's Neo Guy before, using the same cloth too xD;;; MSD Ken are really special, because being in 2 gender, he can still very adorable looking ^_^ Previous yukata does makes him look girly sweet, and this one, droolicious+boyish look again ^^ Big thankies to Tsa for lending me his boy to be my model ^^ he was one sweet and well behave child, really glad to have him around during this 2 days holiday, will be returning the boy tomoro or next day, unless... Riuei want to wait and meet Tiara when she arrived? ;3 *pats Riuei* *Riuei's puppy eyes looking at me* ........ *amb cant resist his cute stares larrrr XDDDD;;;;;; ) awww.... i ask ur mama first lar, kay? *pats Riuei again ^^ *

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