Thursday, May 04, 2006

Finally, the good news!

Very much thankies to Lily and her fren in Japan, i finally get to fetch a Tenshi back TwT Really, this is the thing that i NEVER expected had happened! After a long struggles for Anais 2nd, now i laid down and ended up bonding with this lovely LE from doll party 15. She is a SD Cute Ren. I gave her a name, Tiara Lyelane, and i will be welcoming her home when i get to fetch her at Lily's place during this July ^^ now i can happily sew another new line of dolly cloths when she's here *actually, i am sewing some for Sakana's daughter too, trying to get the right size of her children at the moment...*

Note that, i've decided to change my doll-family surname from "Monde" to "Lyelane"(pronounce as Lee-lane), that's how my chinese name sound like, so ya, dollie surname is now more related to ME ;3 uffufuu, the 'mother' of 2 XD;;;;;;;;;;


gukimon said...

waahh sugoi! XD n its on July too *waaah my b'day month fufufufu* ;3 congrats wit ur NU daughter nyu bweheheh ..:D

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Amber said...

pin?XD 謝謝~~~