Tuesday, May 16, 2006

New member in the room ^^

Thanks to Aki for sending me her 'opening/arrival' pics , i m soooo sooo sooooo happpie to finally see my daugther. It was a moment dat i hardly can describe in word, i can tell, i m overjoyed, too happy with this. Can't wait to see her this July already~ Really testing my patience TwT Currently still at Aki's place, and Aki said Kazusa is pretty happy to see my new gal too XD; but Kotori mig be jealous if she found out, but Kyou-chan drag her away , are safe XD;;; Tiara is using Kyou & Kotori's wig, looks pretty sweet on her too, makes me wanna get these wig for Tiara too ^^; haven't unpack her default wig and dress, that's why she is borrowing it from Kyou and Kotori. Hope she have fun at Aki and Lily's place while waiting for me to come and fetch her soon. Be good ya Tiara, Momma will come to fetch you very soon ^_^

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