Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Usagi Yukata ^w^

staring into the space, thinking of something...and i know what she want ^^;;;; waiting for her Yamato....

full view of the Usagi Yukata ^w^

Finally, finished another better yukata for Seara, after testing and experimenting over 5 yukata during the last 2 days holiday (sunday and labour day), i m quite happy with this one ^^ It's actually a Usagi(rabbit) prints jap cloths, one of my MOST FAV cloth collection finally taken out to make into this Yukata for Seara. Still got some left over, mebbe will make use of those lovely leftovers for some other new simply clothing for Seara again. The cloths dat she's sitting also one of my fav collection of cloth, hopefully will make into a Yukata again soon XD;;; omgosh, i think my fond of yukata in me is growing like mad, after making almost 6 yukatas for Seara, i still wanna do more *lolz*


Anonymous said...


sertyan said...

Hi Amber,

The Yukata is very sweet and what beautiful Japanese cloth too, where did you buy it? Your sewing skills are improving a lot! I expect to see more of your handmade creations soon!

Where do you usually go fabric shopping in KK? in Segama? Which shop is good? I find it difficult to find cloth with small motifs here.

Your Eliseheart shop is adorable? I like the crowns made with leather. Did you make them?

koalajoe said...

I think you did a great job on the yukata! It looks very well made. The photos are very nice too, I especially love the 1st and 2nd one. I... just keep starring at them! ^^;;;

Amber said...

koalajoe> awww, that's flattering ~~~thank you thank youuu~~ TwT