Saturday, January 03, 2009

Chihiro & Aeyra

Went i look into the photos i took, i couldn't resist but to make simple photostory of them XD;

Yogi's Chihiro and my Aeyra at The Doll Affair event.

They speak cantonese in here, that's why i decide to use chinese in this photostory XD;;; Chihiro was a bit vulgar(cantonese 'dew') in the first photostory XD;;;;;;; just like his mom!

Chihiro: Where the hell did that ONNA(his mom) gone to?! She's not even picking up her phone call!!! damn it.

Chihiro: Hey you, have you seen my mom around?
Aeyra: what 'you'?! i got a name for you to call!*twitch*
note: ***his mom went to visit other people's Cecile boy***

Chihiro: Hey, don't be rude at me kay, i'm older than you, so behave! (hit on Ae's head)
Aeyra : Ouch! ><;;;;

Aeyra: Mii~~ he bully me!!
Chihiro: Ah? Kaima(godmother)?! Where got~ (quickly cling on Aeyra), we're just playing around, right Ae-chan?
Aeyra: HMMMPH!!*twitch more*

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