Saturday, January 03, 2009

Comic Fiesta & The Doll Affair 2008

Heya~ finally, all the 2008 holidays and event are over~! Cuz it's already a brand new year here!

I'd like to wish all my dear blog viewers and friends, Happy 2009!!! It's going to be great year ahead for The Little Room again. I hope i get to update more with my girls and probably an upcoming boy? ^^ let's hope Schora will safely get his body this year... yes, you heard me, i m going to make a HIM out of the School Head A.

And time to post some photos from my Comic Fiesta 2008 KL and The Doll Affair 2008 Singapore.

From Comic Fiesta 2008 , Tiara is happy to meet her beloved Sefa again ^^ had them in a xmas scarves to share ^^ and finally i get to meet Guki's Eri-kun. But honestly, i missed out a lot of pictures that i want to mention here.

Amber's new darling, a MIRUKU!!! is omgoshly melting ppl down. IS SO MOE I TELL YOU, BUT DANG MYSELF I DIN TAKE ANY PHOTOZ OF HER TAT;;; i hope other friends and chan-gars got take some pic and share with me soon pweease~~

and i get to meet lily's kids too ^^ nyaaa, no pic oso TT but i got her JunJun with Icchan pic. Then Kitty's kids too XD Tiara met his KaiGor(god brother) at last~~!!! And a few more, that i m not sure who's and what are their names...sorry, but thanks for all those drop by took pics and even say hi or smiled at me XD;;; i greet too many people on both day of CF2008 ^^;;;

Next, The Doll Affair 2008 in Singapore. It's my first time attending a doll-only event in Asia. Pretty nice, especially the booth displays, they really put lotsa efforts for the doll presentations ^^

First off, i drop by VeryBerry to inquire about my purchasing from them, unfortunately, the stuff i order are yet to arrive, but the girl was very kind to offer a free of charge shipment to me once the stocks are ready.

Here's one lovely Anais @ VeryBerry's booth.

And one BOY Anais cosplaying as Roxas too! i love the simple face up for this~~ especially the eyelining part ^^ nifty!

and a kawaii pikachuuuuu yo-SD~~.

Then, i drop by Princess-aki's Angel*Candy*Rock booth. Happy to meet aki again ^^ and yay, she got a new girl~~ is a very very heart melting Yo-SD.

Her mother's sewing are so nice~~!

This is my favourite outfit, yet it's sold out T___T now i regretted of not getting dat SD-sized one.... it's so pretty ne~

Aramaki's booth! i met her, but i m not sure if she remember me or not XD; cuz i kinda feel like she don't know me when i waved and smiled at her XD;;;I really like her booth display,the colours very calm and nice eventho they display was simpler than others.

I like this concept, it's actually based on a Japanese storybook. The doll is actually a Crane, who made beautiful Japanese Ito(cloths) using her feather. This Tohya makes a really beautiful Madame Crane in here.

Crystal's booth! She built a 'room'!!! kyaaa, i like~~ and her boys are droolicious XDDDD two boys in a room, nice~~~ XD (dangit, my fujoshi-mode ter-on already)

Some nice Japanese clothing doll display ^^

waii~~ Kuroshitsuji Dollie Cosplay!!! lovely.

This booth are one of my favourite too. The clothings and face up of the dolls, are sooooooooo beautiful >w< !!!

Selling some cute shoes too~ i heard this seller is all the way from Hong Kong! No wonder the guy were kinda puzzled when i ask him the price in mandarin XD;

*___* 眠頭Tae~~~~~

When i first saw this display, i din realize it's actually a scene, until i look back into the pics i took, i realize, there is actually a FIGHT going on in here XD; Very very creative of them. No wonder the boy with SW Tae bleeds on his head XD;;;

and black hair SW Lucas actually trying to stop blonde SW Lucas =D;;;

After i m done with the booths browsing, we take a break and see wat we got from the shopping. Sakana bought a set of sweet country loli for Shizune! Actually i oso did eyed on that, but price were too jialat(expensive) for me, so i passed. Frankly, it's been almost one whole year, Sakana neglected her kids, it's time for her to compensate them with some nice clothings, thats why she got this for her XD;

I din get anything for the girls, cuz i'm almost out of SingDollar to spend, so i saved up, skipped the shopping from the event. Took random pics with them together with Yogi and Sakana's kids.

Aeyra's wearing Chihiro newly bought spectacles. She looks like a teacher with those specs on XD;;;; this is an interesting arranging of the girls for photo, the "DO-RE-MI" way(ascending)XD;;;

that's all from me now~

thanks for viewing ^_^


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