Friday, January 16, 2009

悠羅 Yuhra

I SWEAR, I DIN EXPECT THIS TO HAPPEN AT ALL! Life is always unexpected... like pregnancies (quoted from lily) XD;;;;;;;;

and so, he was a lucky one like Aeyra , escaped from the custom. I tot I won't be seeing those 'dilepaskan'(released) stamps again, i glad it happened again XD;

At first I tot of letting him go, but for ONE REASON, made me decided to let him stay ^^ you'll know about this soon ,hehehehez XD;;;;

I named him 悠羅 Yuhra, i don't really have an explaination for his name, it just popped out from my mind ( but then, the RA is always my preference to put in one XD;;;; )

and now, to the usual box opening pics again =D I SINCERELY HOPE THIS IS THE LAST TIME TT;;;;;;;;;;;; for me..... 'pregnancy' no more lorrr~~~~

so, this is the new box desu ne...

不捨得unpack this gorgeous outfit yet~~~ XDDD;;; too precious to me~

lolz.... he looks like he just woke up.... sleepy eyes XD;;;;;;;

無聊的 box comparisons XD;;;;; SDCute, SD10Girl and SD13Boy respectively

... used to be IMPOSSIBLE TO HAPPEN on me ... yet it happened and it's RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW... this is uber SURREAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

a quick snap of Aeyra with Yuhra this morning ^^

p.s. thank goodness i bought a pair of SD13 pants from TDA08 last time XD; and borrowed Ae's t-shirt to wear XD;;;; why did I bought this pair of SD13 pants?at first i tot to get a 13body for Schora(school A) soon, maybe mid year or year end....but, i seriously i din expect a SD13boy THIS SOON!!! for Yuhra.... orz

Yuhra is very tall @_@;;; 'one head' taller than Ae-chan~

Yuhra~~ still sleepy a? XD;;;

(Yuhra: ....... )

Lastly, one shot of Ae-chan~~ mii love you muchie muchie~~<3333


Sakuya-Chan a.k.a Ceres said...


maslight said...

OMG....Yuhra is so HAWT! I mean the lips damn~ @_@ *kambang bulu roma se tinguk~ I oso wanna touch Yuhra XD *ehem~ I mean, eh kana sama, his own clothes? Uh uh is he like a goth type ones. I mean from his look damn he's HAWT @_@

Digitalia Diary said...

massy> haha XD;; goth ka? not sure, he looks like some kinda.. tuxedo to me, check out his official default outfit from the website XD;

shoofy said...

wow a Tae and Tohya?
congrats!!! >_ <

Digitalia Diary said...

shoofy> thank you dear ^^