Saturday, September 03, 2005

She's HERE!

Volks: Dolfie Plus 02

On 3rd of August 2005 , i finally received my 1/6 ball-jointed doll. Very much thankyous to lovely dearie Aslah for helping me on getting this. The day i receive her is like dream comes true.

In my parcel, i manage to buy this DP02 and 2 pair of acrylic eyes only. No wigs at that moment, because during that time, Volks inc. were short of stocks, hardly can complete the doll with wigs and outfits. On the other hand, was short in budget as well, because those stuff are sorta pricey too.

From then on,begins a new hobby and love.

I gave her a name, Seara Monde. It was random, but my friend told me Seara means evening in Deutch/german?? (sorry, i forgot, but she sorta told me on msn, but i can't remember well and din find out about it as well...^^; ) Monde is the surname, also comes from my randomness.

the'RAW' DP02 would look like. It is clean and clear without any face-up, i put in a purple acrylic eyes for her. Another one is a Cobalt Blue, but it looks rather scary on dat one.

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