Thursday, September 22, 2005

A visit to Aslah place again ^^

Aslah's dearie boi, a Tensiya HOUND. Isn't he HAWT! I finally get to met him in FLESH (aka resins) today!

the face up by Anu ish simply amazing and dazzlingly nice!!! it's so find and even the lips line is so visible and detailed * praise Anu very much* and happy for Aslah on getting him at last *hearties*

my gal oso came along ~ here, she met You again! XD but she nearly made Rui angry becuz of some lil miss comm XD but she dun mean it, dun angry ya Ruirui ^^;

Rui ish so cool!! i really love how Aslah did the face up on her boys!

last pic, which took me some time to make them pose for a final snap ^^ hope to find some day so dat aslah and i can take pic on our lil one too~ *hearties*

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