Saturday, September 17, 2005


The sleeveless doesn't look good to me, so i decided to sew on the sleeve and sew one leather-like belt for her. Too bad, the eyelet were too big for Seara's size...yet, this is the smallest i can find over here...

looks a bit of visual-kei. the little jingles was a random, tot it would look nice on her outfit ^^ am so glad, i m finally taking out stuff from my material box to make some lil accessories for her ^^

i m sewing too much of those kimo-like outfit for seara, is time for me to explore/experiment on some loli-dress for her. Becuz i haven't try out the black waffle wigs on her yet ;D

And introducing, our ex-CF03 teddy corsette XD;;;; is now Seara's new fren, TeddyCai~~ and i used the leftover chinese cloth to make a 'wei jing' (ermm...lost my word again ^^; ) with bell on ^w^


kei said...

waii~~thanks for the comment on my page :D i really love what you did to your doll i wish i can sew some clothes for mine huhu...:P well i don't really have that much time tho..anyways keep up the good work! post more k? :)

Amber said...

kei> heya~ thankss for the compliements ;D maybe you find some time to try on some simple sewing for ur kids ;3 i assume dey'll be in glee like Seara XD

i'll keep up with more of her stuff more regularly ;3 thanks again for dropping by my blogger ;D

Miaka said...

Wah kawaii~!
Little teddy and Seara-chan XD
Amb u r so talented in sewing @_@!
Or is it that every mom for dolls (expect me) r talented in sewing >_<~~

Amber said...

mia> XDD waii, so glad u're here too

ahah, not talented lar, just play play one XD cuz ish fun to sew once i tried, ekeke, nyuu, i still can't sew it nicely, even i have ur Shiki's size and measurement, but i still doubt myself to sew the pants i promised to do ^^;; if mm ngam, dim suen? ^^;;;;

nyAAAAaa~ shiki ar~ hou shiong see shiki arr~ ;_;