Saturday, September 03, 2005

First Sew

Finally, i learn to sew! yess~ very GUM DONG no toki i sew~ T^T sew this little one-piece for her using my bunch of leftovers cloths i bought my gothloli accessories usage. Now Seara make better use of those cloths ^w^ *hearties


sertyan said...

Very cute dress for first attempt! I like high waist dresses. Do you get patterns from 'My Favourite Doll Books"? Do you own 'Dolly Dolly' books? I don't have any of those but I heard that they feature contemporary patterns. :)

koalajoe said...

OMG! Did you use the sewing machine in the pic? I remember we used to use those in our sewing class. Not electrical, but use foot pedal! But know what? They are the best!

Amber said...

koalajoe> yess, all the cloths u seen here are from this faithfully old machine ^^ indeed, after using this sewing machine for so long, i think it's the best, esp sewing small scale clothing, the speed are great to control ^^